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Posted on: June 19, 2017

Dogs and Fireworks


With the very active fireworks season upon us in Grapevine, here are some tips to help keep your dog safe and comfortable.  We receive a number of dogs into the shelter as well as lost and found reports every time there is a firework event in our area.  Let us help you keep your pups secure at home.

Know When Fireworks Are Scheduled

Follow City of Grapevine on Facebook and Twitter to know when fireworks events are scheduled to take place.  Friday Fireworks are "on" through Labor Day barring adverse weather or other concern.

Place Identification On Your Dog--Consider Microchipping

Dogs should be wearing their collars with a rabies tag at all times.  Place a tag that has your name and phone number listed on the collar.  In addition, microchips are ideal because they cannot fall off.  Check out our information on microchipping and come see our friendly staff at the shelter to have your dog chipped.

Avoid Areas Around the Event

Do not take your dog to the lake or surrounding areas around the time of the event or during the event.  While fireworks are a fun family outing, dogs do not understand what is going on when the loud banging starts.  They can quickly become disoriented and run far from the location or run into traffic trying to get away.  If you live near the festivities, putting your dog in an inside room with dim lighting and a tv or music to help distract them is best. 

Check With Your Local Shelter

In the event that your dog goes missing immediately notify the shelter.  You may also report to shelters surrounding the Grapevine area.  For the City of Grapevine, we are the only animal shelter and we take Lost/Found Reports for all animals.  Other places to check are on the NextDoor app or, with neighborhood email lists, online lost/found websites, and by putting a simple flyer with a photo and phone number near the area where the dog went missing.

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