Physical Assessment

man exercising on rowing machine
The Grapevine Police Department will now be utilizing the Concept2 Rower for the physical assessment. An applicant's specific time is based on gender, age and weight. To calculate this time, use the DPS Row Calculator by clicking here.

After choosing your gender and age range, enter your weight then move down to the "DESIRED RESULTS" section, where you will enter 40 in the % box; hit calculate. If you have any issues, please contact us and we will help you calculate your time.

The rowing test is designed to determine the overall fitness level of the applicant. We recommend the applicant familiarize themselves with the Concept2 Rower in order to prepare for the test. We use Concept2 rowers, and the damper setting will be set at "5" at the time of the test.

To assist you in your preparation of the Concept2 Rower please click here.

The Concept2 Rower is available at many local gyms, recreation centers and fitness facilities. It is highly recommended applicants use this opportunity to better prepare for the test. 

Additional information and Concept2 Rower workouts can be found by clicking here.

Concept2 Rower Workout of the Day